Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

As the company serves you the best service, there are certain rules and regulations that the customers should know and follow.

The different private policies are,

Firstly, the information that the customer provides to the company is in safe hands. We the company collect the information under high privacy measures and assure you that under any situation it will not be used for any other work except work related to the service and the information needed for the service will be used only after informing the customer and after the approval of the customer.

The information related to money transactions is safe In the company's software. The technical team gets the information of the transaction from the account team and the technical team keep these details safe and assure the customer that their personal transaction is safe and will not be disclosed publicly under any situation. Any complexity with the transaction faced by the company will first be informed and discussed with the customer who is involved with the transaction. The bills and invoices will only be given to the respective customer.

The company assure the customer that the information that is provided to them by the customer is safe and under any circumstance will not be given to any other organisation. If needed this information will only be used by the company for service purposes and this use of the information will be done only after the approval of the customer.

Any wrong or misleading information provided to the company will not be accepted and the customer will be fined of such illegal work is done

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