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Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism in India: A Growing Industry in India

India is a country with one of the world's largest democracies. Just like India is known for its food, culture and traditions. Its rich history and culture have increasingly become an important medical tourism destination around the world. People all across the world prefer India for its advance and cost-effective medical treatment. Medical tourism in India is one of the fastest-growing industries, with an estimated value of $5–6 billion.

According to a survey published by the CII and Grant Thornton in October 2015, 34% of medical tourists come from Bangladesh and Afghanistan, 30% from Russia, and the rest from the Middle East and Africa.

Before talking about what makes people prefer India’s medical treatment above all, let’s understand a bit about it.
What defines Medical Tourism?
Medical tourism is a sort of tourism in which individuals travel from one nation to another for medical treatment. Inter-country or intra-country travel is possible. Organ transplants, major operations such as cardiac, and other medical reasons may prompt patients to travel.
Factors that make Medical Tourism in India favored by people
·         One of the major factors which makes people favor medical tourism in India is its low-cost treatment with excellent quality of healthcare system.

·         India’s treatment becomes excellent because of its highly skilled doctors and advanced technology.

·         Excellent communication skills by doctors give people comfort in times of crisis.

·         India is a country where different languages are spoken at the same time, despite that it has never become a cause of communication barrier.

Alongside the above factors, India also promotes traditional treatments like Yoga and Ayurveda.

In 2015, when the company was valued at $3 billion, India was the third most popular medical tourism destination. To encourage more travelers to get treatment in the country, visa application processes have been streamlined.
Let’s Talk Some Data
According to current estimates, medical tourism in India is rising at an annual rate of 18%. It is anticipated to be worth $9 billion this year. By 2020, it is expected to account for 20% of the medical tourism sector. In 2017, 495,056 patients travelled India. India is known as the world's second-largest English-speaking nation. 

Recently an article in Hindustan Times, special approval was provided to those with severe conditions such as chronic renal, liver, and cardiovascular ailments, or airlifting the 21-sick people on humanitarian grounds, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEA).

Being an Indian, it is safe to say that we should be proud of the land we live in. Medical Tourism in India has not just proved its excellence in the past but also in recent times. With little betterment in COVID-19, Indian has come back harder.

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Best Healthcare Tourism Portal of India

The Meditourin’s Portal has the potential to transform the way information is exchanged in the international health tourism portal of India industry.
Our Health tourismportal of India is an interactive web platform that allows all stakeholders, including patients, insurance companies, ministries of health and defence, corporations, and non-governmental organizations, to share information. It is a cutting-edge and effective instrument for tracking the patient from touchdown to take-off. Medical updates, discharge notifications, billing updates, and bill settlements are all made possible through the site. To guarantee a smooth communication process for all stakeholders, the site serves as a one-stop information platform for foreign patients.
We understand the importance of patient information confidentiality because we work in the health tourism portal of India sector. We used the proper technology to create the best combination of secrecy and openness in our site, in order to set the standard for medical tourism.
The Meditourin’s Portal can handle all international patient procedures, from submitting an inquiry to managing the enquiry, through patient care, to payment and settlement. Stakeholders may access high-level dashboards through our Health tourismportalof India. These dashboards give real-time status reports of foreign patients as they progress through the various stages of their health travel cycle. The portal also has a number of reports that all stakeholders may read and download.
Online Portals
Meditourin’s portal is a NABH-accredited independent health advice business that helps people throughout the world find high-quality treatment. We specialize in providing patients and their loved ones with honest and competent advice and connecting them to top tertiary care destinations throughout the world. Medical Tourism India also handle complicated and important situations, including ones that have been turned down by a number of internationally renowned health tourism portal of India facilities. Our ultimate objective is to provide each patient with an outstanding patient experience in order to promote a speedy recovery.
Our online health tourism portal of India is another attempt to be industry leaders and give our patients with the most professional and transparent experience possible.
Stakeholders may access high-level dashboards through our Health tourismportalof India. These dashboards give real-time status reports of foreign patients as they progress through the various stages of their health travel cycle. The portal also has a number of reports that all stakeholders may read and download.
Guidance and Experience
We are a well-respected healthcare adviser who provides complete support to guarantee that every patient receives high-quality treatment. We also specialize in Niche Specialty Care, having treated over 7000 patients referred by international ministries of health and insurance companies in the last few years for treatments such as Organ Transplants (400+ Liver Transplants successfully completed), Cancer Care, Neurosurgery, and Joint Replacements, to name a few.
Meditourin’s portal is a pioneer in the field of health tourism portal of India, as well as the most renowned firm. India has world-class medical facilities that are equivalent to those found in any Western or European country. India features cutting-edge hospitals and some of the world's best doctors. You may obtain treatment in India at the lowest costs thanks to the greatest infrastructure and medical facilities available, as well as the most affordable prices. India is the most sought-after health destination due to the availability of Ayurveda and Naturopathy in its purest form.

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Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism | Make Your Life Better

We all know that Health is Wealth, but sometimes we are facing some serious issues with this health. So, at that moment our wealth gets shrinked so we feel to improve our wealth condition which is not possible immediately. And some of us continuously are trying to overlook these kinds of serious issues. And as a result, they faced some serious problems with the body/health. But sometimes the treatment is delayed due to proper infrastructure or expenses. So here in this article, we are going to introduce you to Meditourin, the ultimate health care tourism company with international clients that are now starting to serve you in India. If you wanted to complete your Medical treatment as a Medical tourist hazel free, then please contact us to get a comfortable medical treatment package from the booking of the hospital to discharge from the hospital. If you are still confused about medical tourism or have any query on Medical tourism, then take a look at the following points –
ØWhat is Medical Tourism?
Medical Tourism is nothing but a kind of visiting Intercountry or Intra country for any medical purpose. People mainly traveling for – 1. Organ transplantation; 2. Cardiac Surgery; 3. Dentistry; 4. Cosmetic Surgery; 5. Orthopedic Surgery; 6. Surrogate pregnancy; 7. Cell Therapy; 8. Pulmonary; 9. Gastroenterology; 10. Urology and for many other health treatments.
In the past time, this type of traveling usually happened towards very developed country/countries like Latin America, Europe for main eye and cardiac surgeries. The first Medical Tourism happened in the late 1980s. later day by day people started visiting the less improved but moreover well medically furnished countries. And from then India also welcomes the international patients towards it for its very unique price to service ratio in this field.
Now, the time to know about the importance of Medical tourism. And for that, we refer you to the following point –
ØWhy Medical Tourism is Important?
There are so many reasons to mention this kind of tourism as "Important", here are some of the reasons –
üBetter and quality health treatment which is not available at their place
üBudget-friendly treatment packages for their respective treatment.
üIn some countries many treatments are illegal (like IVF) so, the patient came across for their successful treatment.
Earlier people visited the well-developed cities or Countries for their treatment but nowadays they prefer the third world countries (Like India, Srilanka, Thailand, etc.) for their lower cost quality treatment. 
ØMedical Tourism in India:
If you are interested to visit India as a medical tourist, then you are in the right direction of thinking. Because India is now very improved and well-furnished in the medical sector. Though it is a third world country now for its' economic growth and the healthcare sector it secures a very good reputation internationally. South India is now ASIA's most visited place for Medical treatment. So not wasting the time of your life come and make your life happier.
If you are surviving with a Cardiology problem; Cancer; Psychiatry Problem; Fertility Problem; Dentistry problem or if you are wanted to do a Cosmetic surgery then you have to visit India now, as their well-developed treatment procedure can give you relief very fast.
Here are some of the best cities of India enlisted for your medical treatment, take a look first –
1.  Delhi; 2. Bangalore; 3. Chennai; 4. Kolkata; 5. Pune; 6. Manipal; 7. Hyderabad; 8. Mumbai
But besides these cities, other cities are also good at this sector.
For these wide ranges of doctors at govt. and private hospital, India recorded 4 Million Medical tourists in the year 2012. Besides this facility for its' quality and well infrastructure India now attracts a large number of patients from the middle east and Africa every year. In recent days India gains $7-8 Billion from its medical service to the world, and which helps its economically very much.
ØWhy Choose Meditourin as your tourism partner in India?
As we told you before that there is no burden to select Meditourin as your medical tourism partner. We always wanted to be elected from the rest of the companies by you. First please confirm about other so-called Medical tourism companies in this field and then select us as your partner. As we offered –
The quality range of services –
According to our sources and the client review, that they are satisfied to choose us as their partner. Because we not only book the hospital bed for you but also stay with you throughout the entire medical treatment procedure. Because a patient’s satisfaction is much important to us. Being a partner you can ask us for Neurology, Neurosurgery, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Endocrinology, ENT, Pediatrics, Plastic Surgery, Pediatric Surgery, Pulmonology, Pediatric Neurology, Urology, Nephrology, Dermatology, Dentistry, Gynecology, Psychiatry, Rheumatology, General Medicine & General Surgery treatments within a budget-friendly price structure.
At the end of this article, we think, we can explain to you properly about Medical Tourism. And besides these, we feel that our services will help you to improve your or your family’s health within a healthy budget. So do not delay to contact us and keep smiling and be happy besides making the world healthier. If you still have any kind of confusion then please contact us on as soon as possible.

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Medical Tourism

Future of Medical Tourism Services in India

The industry of Medical Tourism Services in India the value was estimated to be US $3 billion in 2015, with a projected increase to the US $7-8 billion by 2020. The Medical Tourism Companies in India is increasing at a rate of 20% each year. India is already ranked among the top five Medical Tourism Services destinations in the world, and it is predicted to overtake the top spot by 2020.
Since ancient times, tourism has served as a tool for social, cultural, religious, and economic phenomena all over the world. Travel, stay, and information and communication technology advancements have further aided individuals travelling from one location to another for leisure, business, education, or medical reasons. A thriving economy has far-reaching implications for all aspects of human development, including health. This is especially true for transitional countries like India.

How are medical travels adapting to recent times?

Concerning COVID-19 standards, Medical Tourism Services in India has modified itself:

o   Telemedicine has become a revolutionary strategy that allows health care experts to evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients from a distance. It is quickly becoming an important element of the healthcare infrastructure. With the advancement of technology and the spread of smart gadgets, it is now possible to provide remote healthcare to patients while remaining in their homes. The new age of health management is characterized by the use of software and electronic communication to provide clinical services to patients via secure video and audio connections.
o   To guarantee that patients are safeguarded from danger, GHA (Global Healthcare Accreditation) creates rules for in-hospital visits, air travel, hotel stays, and transportation. From the moment they step off the plane until they return home following treatment, patients must follow the regulations and standards. Best practices for screening and testing have been pushed to the fore. Imposing visitor restrictions, providing personal protective equipment, and enhancing cleaning methods will all help to improve patient safety.
o   Touchless travel, shorter hospital stays, better record keeping, and faster healing times are all benefits of technological improvements. Tele health systems are currently being expanded by service providers to reach patients across boundaries. Therefore, making Healthcare Tourism Portal in India is much more advance and faster compared to other countries.
o   The hotel industry's participation in wellness programmers is an important component of the tourism industry's development. Patients and their companions who go to other countries for medical treatments have several requirements, including transportation, hotel, and food. Patients are encouraged to be discharged as soon as feasible due to the financial pressures of hospital treatments, necessitating hotel partnerships to provide nearby stays at a reasonable rate.
The hotels and motels are carefully positioned to fulfil the needs of patients and their companions, as a tie with insurance providers and transportation facilitators. Because of first-aid training, infrastructure deployments, and benchmarking, the healthcare and hospitality industries may anticipate seeing more opportunities than ever before.
The industry of Medical Tourism Services in India observes a multitude of possibilities. Nonetheless, significant funding requirements, community engagement and training, management systems, legal difficulties, and standardization must all be considered and addressed.

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Medical Tourism

An Overview of Medical Tourism in India

Health tourism in India is backed by hundreds of years of history. Over the last quarter-century, medical tourism, a part of health tourism, has rapidly expanded to a great extent in India. Medical tourism is the term generated when tourism is combined with visiting another State or Country for medical treatment. You may know that medical tourism is often synonymous with healthcare tourism. However, medical tourism and health tourism can be differentiated on specific grounds but India provides it all. While wellness and health tourism define traveling for the purpose of rejuvenation and alternative therapies, medical tourism entails fundamentally biomedical processes that are combined with tourism and travel. Unlike other countries, in India you will get the best of both.
India's high stand on wellness tourism
Among the other prominent industries around the world, the tourism and healthcare sectors are quite significant. Among the best countries for medical tourism, India has been regarded as one of the most preferred destinations for medical tourism. According to the Medical Tourism Market Report 2020, India has gained a prominent position in the medical tourism market due to the highest quality treatments delivered to patients at lower costs than other countries. Considering the ocean of benefits that medical tourism brings to patients, India has been incredibly active in providing a wide range of medical packages under medical tourism services. Read on to know more.
Treatments levied under medical tourism
India, recognized for providing top-notch medical tourism facilities, generally constitutes a broad category of medical packages. The medical packages provided by Indian hospitals are:
       Health check-up
       Dental care
       Cosmetic surgery
       Eye care
       ENT care
       Genitourinary care
       Orthopedic surgery
       Heart surgery
       Cosmetic surgery
       Ophthalmology, and
India is leading in the healthcare game
Having ranked in the list of top three medical tourism destinations in Asia, India receives maximum medical tourists due to the quality of treatment at a low cost besides booming healthcare infrastructure and the wide scale availability of expert doctors. The three countries, namely Thailand, Singapore and India, come together to account for the majority of the revenues generated in the world through healthcare. Apart from the high medical standards in nephrology, cardiology, neurology, and other treatments, other alternative options such as yoga and naturopathy treatment in India have been gaining popularity too. India welcomes medical tourists from around the globe given its history of natural treatments that originated in India itself. The natural treatment options that you would receive in India are nothing in comparison to naturopathy treatments in other countries.
Hotspots for medical tourism in India
Given the Country's potentialities, you may be curious to know which state of India is leading in medical tourism. The leading destinations have been mainly:
       Tamil Nadu
       Andhra Pradesh
       New Delhi
       Maharashtra, and,
Example of emerging wellness tourism in India
India has been recognized as a wellness and cultural tourism destination to comply with the increasing demand for medical tourism from Asia and Europe. The ancient healing practices of naturopathy and ayurvedic treatments in India have attracted tourists from Europe who sought a wellness vacation. Naturopathy roots itself in nature’s healing powers and India stands as a proud representative. Consequently, it follows a multi-faceted approach that incorporates:
       Herbal medicine
       Physical therapy
       Exercise therapy
       Food consultation
       Altering soft tissues and bones
       Lifestyle counseling, etc.
What drives the growth?
The Government of India, the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare are the primary institutions that are putting efforts to make India a more significant destination for medical treatments. The growth in the wellness tourism industry is primarily driven by:
       Increasing awareness among consumers about wellness and health.
       Rising demand for organic products.
       Wide-Scale acceptance by western medicine.
       Shifts towards preventive treatments on a global scale.
       Rising demand for naturopathic and ayurvedic cosmetics.
Get connected to our network
Medical tourism In India is a fast-growing sector that attracts more and more individuals each year. Erasing cultural boundaries and making the latest medical treatment options accessible for all, medical tourism has allowed people to receive cheaper but faster and quality treatment. If you are searching for a medical tourism platform, get in touch with Meditourin today.
We are managed by skilled doctors and professionals with commendable experience in health care services. At Meditourin, we focus on listening to your needs and providing affordable, quality and prompt treatment that fulfils all your expectations. Our partner medical centers and hospitals are the most trusted and accredited internationally. We will be in close coordination with you during your treatment to ensure that you feel secure and overcome unforeseen problems if any arise.
The way forward for healthcare providers
Given the vast impact of medical tourism, healthcare providers in India have invested in creating an active social media presence and maintaining a website or blog. India has collaborated with agencies, hotels and other hospitality service providers to ensure maximum comfort to international tourists in every aspect of healthcare. Medical tourism companies in India have taken care of every patient's overall requirements by investing in technology translators and security. With personalized solutions for financing, you can now make the necessary investment in the evolving medical tourism sector. 

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Medical Tourism

India- A Valuable Country for Medical Tourism

India- A Valuable Country for Medical Tourism
Medical tourism in India has emerged to become a thriving industry in the last few years. From patients travelling across the border for accessible and affordable healthcare to choosing a destination that offers a complete health care package, the industry has come a long way. Medical tourists are people who travel from international borders to receive medical treatment when conventional methods fail. Quality treatment, ease of travel and communication and pricing, are the primary reasons why patients choose India as a country for medical tourism. So what has pushed India one of the best countries for medical tourism? Keep reading to unwrap the factors that contributed to India's growing value in the medical tourism industry.
Travelling borders for treatment
Before we start, let us first give you a brief overview of why people choose to travel to India for their treatment. It has been estimated that on a global scale, the medical tourism market has been flourishing billions of dollars. Among the leading destinations under the medical tourism market including Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey, Thailand and the United States, India has gained a significant position only within a few years. Along with these countries, India offers a wide range of medical services that includes but it is not limited to elective surgery, dental care, and cosmetic surgery and fertility treatments.
For a long time, it was the Indian dream to bring medical tourists from all around the world to seek treatments in India at considerably cheaper rates. Over the years, the dream has soared higher and has been successful in attracting an impressive number of medical tourists from different countries to consult with health care specialists and hospitals in India. India ranked as the 3rd most popular medical tourism destination in the world in 2015 and even increased in 2017. India has been able to achieve a huge feat in such a short time because of the best hospital in India that offers quality treatment and care.
Magnificence of medical tourism in India
There are many key factors that encourage tourists from around the world to visit India to seek medical treatment. Some of the countries have an elaborate procedure for obtaining a visa. However, India is constantly putting efforts towards making the process more efficient and streamlined, allowing more international medical tourists to arrive at the country and seek medical assistance from the best doctors in India.
India is not only a recognized example of medical tourism, offering world-class treatment but its rich cultural heritage has also attracted tourists to explore the country. Given the beauty and magnificence of Indian life, a medical tourist has the opportunity to experience the Indian culture along with treatment therapy.
Make India your next medical tourism destination
       Within everyone’s financial reach
One of the primary reasons why you must consider India as your next medical tourism destination is because it offers high-quality medical services that too at a low cost. Compared with other developed countries, medical treatment expenditure in India is funded by the Indian government making healthcare more affordable and accessible for patients.
       Up-to-date technologies and latest facilities
Hospitals in India are recognized worldwide for their utilization of high quality and up-to-date technologies in the area of medicine for carrying out medical treatments. Indian hospitals stand at the focal point of a global medical trend. The continuous up gradation has led to a significant rise in the success rates in all medical treatments. The hospitals are completely equipped with the latest facilities that would make your visit safe and comfortable.
       Quality of services and treatment
It does not happen in India that you visit the country for treatment and receive anything below standard. Hospitals and healthcare providers in India maintain a standard in delivering world-class services and care throughout your stay in their facilities. They will keep up to the integrity and strive to keep up with the standard in providing all treatments.
       World-accredited hospitals and centers
With the record of more than 400+ NABH accredited hospitals and 33 joint commission international accredited hospitals, India has garnered worldwide recognition for having the finest healthcare facilities and specialists. The country has often been ranked as the hub of medicine.
       Shorter waiting periods
India has a strict policy of not keeping patients in a waiting line as other advanced countries. Most of the providers and doctors respond immediately to any issues faced by medical tourists. The nurses and doctors are best in their field and understand the importance of human health over their fees.
       Traditional healing therapies and treatment
When it comes to healing medical tourists faster and effectively, India has the option of traditional and safe health treatments that have proven to help several people recover within a short time. Practices like naturopathic yoga Ayurveda have proven wonders in healing faster and better.
       Eligibility of acquiring a medical visa
Besides the other benefits, India also allows easy access to your Visa. Medical tourists can apply for a medical Visa which is guaranteed within a few days without much hassle. The Indian government has made it easy for international medical tourists to receive the treatment they wish to seek.
Choose among any of these Indian states
In the last couple of years, Asia has been leading as one of the most preferred medical tourism destinations in the world. Considering the wide range of affordable medical treatments, you might want to know which state of India is leading in medical tourism. So we have made a list, for you to choose any of them as your next medical tourism destination.
       New Delhi
       Andhra Pradesh, and,
       Tamil Nadu
If you wish to get connected to the best hospitals and doctors in any one of the states mentioned above you can get in touch with Meditourin. We root ourselves in providing only the best for you.
In conclusion, medical tourism in India has significant benefits that overcome challenges and drawbacks that medical tourists often face in the process. Not only does the country provide quality healthcare services but its facilities and medical experts make you feel at home. 

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Healing In India: The Most Favored Places for Medical Tourism

India is swiftly becoming the most favored place in medical tourism. All thanks to the country’s excellent medical services which when compared to those in developed countries comes at one-tenth the cost. For years at a stretch, visitors from around the world have come to India not only to enjoy the country’s breath-taking views and vibrant culture, but also for its health care facilities and effective medical treatments. This could be because in other countries healthcare is inaccessible due to poor infrastructure or very high medical costs. Medical tourism in India is expected to be boosted due to the increased awareness of alternative and natural medicine. Better healthcare facilities than other countries have increased the influx of people into the country year after year. Chennai, Calcutta, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Delhi are among the popular places for medical tourism in India.
Medical tourism refers to the travel of people from their home country to other countries for medical treatment. While it was previously believed that people from developed countries would travel to developing countries for affordable medical care, people from less developed countries are traveling to developing countries due to lack of access to health care quality in their country.
Obviously, there are many underlying factors that make India a popular medical tourism destination. Let us see what they are.
Choosing India for medical tourism
The constant growth of globalization in the health sector has led to an increase in medical tourism. International connections in healthcare services have also enhanced the prospects of medical tourism in India. Although most people prefer to treat their health issues closer to home, certain parameters can often become barriers when seeking medical care. In some cases, certain specialists or advanced treatments are unavailable in a convenient and closer location, keeping the patient on a long waiting list. Additionally, certain drawbacks in other countries have caused tourists from around the world to search for the best hospital in India to get effective and quality treatment that too at low cost.
Why choose India over other countries
       Infrastructure Facilities and Digital Enabling: From eye, heart and kidney issues to organ transplants, orthopedics and cancer, India's healthcare ecosystem provides world-class care at lower cost (nearly 20% less for the main surgical treatments  compared to those  developed  with internationally recognized facilities).
India is also home to some of the most renowned hospitals and sub-specialty departments that provide patients with the latest and most advanced treatment options using the latest technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality technology. (VR) and robotics for greater precision and holistic well-being. You would not receive these facilities in other countries at the price offered in India.
       Skilled Workforce: India is not only a world-class service center; it is also home to some of the world's most renowned and experienced doctors, pioneering in their fields of specialization and clinical expertise. With over 1.2 million allopathic doctors, 0.17 million dentists, 2 million nurses and 0.8 million formally trained Ayurvedic physicians, India has the largest pool of doctors and paramedics in the world. You may not receive the same in other countries and even if you do the rates would be too high.
Most of the country's doctors have trained and worked in some of the most prestigious medical institutions in the US, UK, and other developed countries, making them highly knowledgeable and capable of providing complete and safe patient care.
       Quality of Care: In addition to being the most affordable and accessible destination to seek medical care and wellness treatments, India has become a forerunner in the provision of inclusive, personal and compassionate care, living truly according to “Atithi Devo Bhava” (the guest is like God). Medical staff in India focuses on maintaining the highest standards by putting the needs and interests of patients above all and listening to them with empathy and compassion.
The quality of care in India is higher than any other country. At a low price and dedicated services, the standard of treatment you receive in India is in no comparison to what you receive in other countries.
Few of the Best Medical Tourism Destinations in India:
Below is a list of the most preferred destinations where the best doctors in India provide world-class treatment.
       New Delhi
We have explained below the top five places that have set an example of medical tourism in India.
1.      Mumbai
Considered as one of the most popular destinations for medical tourism in India, Mumbai is equipped with a number of super specialty hospitals, diagnostic and research centers for orthopedics, weight loss treatments and more. Mumbai is recognized for its ayurvedic treatments and cosmetic surgery. Top notch health care facilities and hospitals have made Mumbai the fastest growing medical tourism destination.
2.      Chennai
Chennai is one of the leading destinations for medical treatment in India. A study by Confederation of Indian Industries has found that almost 40 percent of the people visit Chennai for its world-class treatment. Chennai is known as the health capital of India and receives over 200 patients from around the world for complex treatments such as cardiac bypass, bone marrow transplant, hip replacement, eye surgery and other alternative medical treatments. You will not only revitalize your body and mind while you visit the city but will also go back home with satisfied treatment.
3.      Goa
Foreign tourists mostly come to Goa for enjoyment but it is also emerging as a focal point of medical tourism. Goa's breathtaking surroundings, huge popularity among visitors, and governmental support for promoting health and wellness have promoted it to become a medical center as well. You will be able to rejuvenate your body and mind while visiting the city for medical reasons. 
4.      New Delhi
As the national capital of India, New Delhi is home to many excellent hospitals that offer integrated facilities to international patients. From general surgery, heart care, eye surgery to neurosurgeries, New Delhi is regarded as one of the most popular destinations for medical tourism in India.
5.      Ahmadabad
Another Indian city that's quickly turning into a medical tourism destination in India is Ahmadabad. Given its hospitals with foremost amenities, a great deal of international patients prefers obtaining treatment in Ahmadabad. It's also home to few of the best private hospitals. You can rejuvenate your body and soul while visiting Ahmadabad for medical treatments.
Doctors in Jammu and Kashmir have said that the state possesses a huge potential for medical tourism because of the cheap cost and availability of experienced doctors. The doctors explained that keeping the cost effectiveness in mind and the availability of modern expertise and resources, the state had a great potential to tap the opportunity and develop as a medical tourism hub. Experts believe that the scenic beauty and the pollution free atmosphere in Kashmir valley can be a positive factor for medical tourism. You would not receive this in any other country.
Medical and treatments widely offered in India
Healthcare services and treatments offered in India are primarily categorized into three major categories:
       Medical Care: Medical care for healing purposes which includes cardiac care, organ transplantation, orthopedics, neuroscience, oncology and cancer. bariatric.
       Wellness and Rejuvenation: India has a focus on rejuvenation treatments or for aesthetic purposes such as cosmetic surgery, stress relief, spa treatments, etc.
       Alternative medicine: India also offers treatment to seek AYUSH services, that is, Ayurveda,Unani,  Yoga and Naturopathy, Siddha and Homeopathy. 
Among the best countries for medical tourism, India is visited by medical tourists from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Oman, Bangladesh, the Maldives, Nigeria, Kenya and Iraq. The major destinations for medical tourism in India include:
       Municipal hospitals, and,
       Level 1 and 2 diagnostic centers such as Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Chandigarh, Jaipur, etc.
Get in touch with Meditourin and convey to us your medical needs. We guarantee to secure your appointments with world-class doctors and hospitals based on your needs.
The final showdown
With its wealthy cultural heritage, myriads of attractions, and picturesque landscapes, India is rising because it is the most favored vacation spot for travelers from throughout the arena. However, you can also choose India as it is now the hub of medical tourism and the Government of India has been taking crucial steps to lessen patient-wait-time and make hassle-free travel, stay, and remedy for the international patients. The interventions undertaken by the Government stand as a testimony to India’s position in the healthcare sector without a doubt that 'heal in India’ is a true statement in itself. As a medical tourism agency in India, we promise to take care of all your medical needs. 

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Importance and Benefits of Naturopathy Treatment in India

Naturopathy treatment is the art of living a healthy life. The treatment here is done differently and the concept used to maintain a healthy life is different. Naturopathy Treatment in India is very popular and there are effective results that you can discover.
Positive effects
The effect of naturopathy treatment is remarkable and no doubt Naturopathy Treatment in India is very reliable. It can cure patients suffering from chronic ailments and that too in a short period compared to any other form of medicine. According to a study and naturopathy food is the only medicine that can take care of you. You don't have to use any external medicines.  Some important treatments of naturopathy are mud pack, steam bath, sauna bath, abdomen pack, chest pack, magnet therapy, Acupuncture, and more. It is considered a practice that consists of multiple treatments including herbs, massage, homeopathy, nutritional counseling, and more.
The naturopathy treatment in India is globally popular and the treatment is known for promoting and maintaining the body's long-term optimal health. Numerous centers in India help patients with excellent services and treatments.  There are several benefits that you can obtain from naturopathic treatment and they are explained below.
Disease prevention
Understanding the disease and taking proper care in the first phase is the key role. The treatment helps in avoiding the spread of disease and proper nutrition is recommended to gain a healthy body and a healthy immune system.
Treatment of disorders
Naturopathy treatment is the best to treat disorders like digestive disorders, allergies, headaches, common cold, and more. All these diseases are treated by maintaining a proper nutritional diet and application of another naturopathic process.
Safe and effective treatment
The main objective of naturopathic treatment is to treat disorders and develop the healing capacity of the body. The logic behind all this is that it helps patients with a healthy nutritional healthy diet which they can use regularly to get the most effective results. Naturopathy Treatment in India helps in restoring techniques, self-care decisions, and taking care of your health in such a way that it will prevent future health problems.
Changes the way one think
With naturopathy treatment, you are exposed to a holistic path to health. It helps patients to recognize the importance of spiritual, psychological, and social elements in life. It is not just a treatment instead it is something beyond treatment. It helps gain confidence in life and understands the spiritual and social value in life.
Increase self-awareness
Naturopathy Treatment in India is very popular and online research work will help you get plenty of information and idea about the treatment and the benefits. It teaches you about how you can take care of yourself with proper food which is the main source of energy in food and increases the functional capacity to fight any internal disease. In other words, it connects the patient with the inner self. Once you know your body well, you can understand how your body responds and communicate with you through symptoms. The treatment helps you to understand what exactly your body needs, and what are the necessary things that you can do to take care of the body.
Sleeping aids
The other benefit of this kind of treatment is that it can take care of the disease called insomnia and other sleep disorder. Herbal treatments are used which are rich in nutrition and can help you have a good sleep.
Importance of naturopathy treatment in human life
Well, Naturopathy in India is a system of medicine that is based on the pattern of nature and the cosmos. We have that natural harmony in our bodies. With the help of this process, a proper balance of nutrition is maintained so that the body can heal any disorder on its own. It is not just benefits that we can discover following the naturopathy process but it's a blessing to the following naturopathy. Few blessings and importance of naturopathy treatment are as follows.
It is best for your overall health
Normally in Allopathic, the relief is for a short-term period but naturopathy on the other hand focuses on the body as a whole and tries to rectify all the abnormalities altogether.  The process helps eliminate the main cause of the problem from the root.
Safety during treatment
The chemicals used in Allopathic medicine have better results and there are some negative effects too. In naturopathy natural substances are used which are safe and create no side effects.
The best healing experience
Allopathic is all about taking pills or shots. In the Naturopathy process, all the factor is involved that helps in maintaining health. With naturopathy treatment, you can not only eliminate health problems but it corrects all the imbalances and makes you feel energetic.
With healthy routine food and diet and natural magic, you can save a lot of money compared to surgeries and treatment and consuming medicines. It helps you have better health at a lesser cost.
Long term relief
Rather than having a short-term relief. Naturopathy gives you a new way to live your everyday life. Naturopathy helps you and educates you about a healthy diet and having a better lifestyle. It gives you a chance to live long and stay healthy.
The popularity and effectiveness of naturopathy have grown a lot. Naturopathy Treatment in India is globally recognized and people from various parts of the world are showing their interest in adapting the process. The results are effective and it helps you to obtain a healthy lifestyle. Professionals are the best to Connect to get advanced knowledge about naturopathy treatment and gain more results about the application of the process. With help of experts and by visiting authentic websites related to Naturopathy studies you can be very helpful to know more details about naturopathy treatment and Medical Tourism India, Health Tourism Agency, Naturopathy Center, Best Countries for Medical Tourism, Meditourin. Get the best information and include naturopathy treatment in your daily life to have a healthy lifestyle.

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Traits of the Best Naturopathic Doctor in India

It is very important that you do not make any mistakes while choosing the best Naturopathic Doctor in India. An error in choosing a doctor may cause serious health issues. In this blog, we will be letting you know the ways to choose the best medical help.
Who is a Naturopathic Doctor in India?
A naturopathic medical school awards ND or NMD degrees to naturopathic doctors or naturopathic medical doctors. Both names and abbreviations indicate the same thing, however, the title is chosen based on the individual's educational institution, state of practice, or personal taste.
They study all of the core medical curricula that an MD would study, as well as additional "natural" sciences like nutrition, botanical medicine (herbs), and mental health studies like psychology or counseling.
Schools require graduates to undergo four years of study in areas such as clinical nutrition, acupuncture, homeopathy, herbal medicine, physical medicine, IV nutritional therapy, and counseling in addition to a conventional medical curriculum.
After graduating from a four-year approved university, NDs can take their own license tests. They may choose to learn and sit for conventional medical board certification tests in order to become licensed as general practitioners (primary care doctors), but this is uncommon. Their practices are typically integrative, which means they provide both conventional and complementary and alternative medicine guidance.
The maximum sizeable requirements to look for in a Naturopathic Doctor in India
1.      They have a naturopathic scientific degree from a recognized, four-year, in-residence naturopathic health facility and a couple of
2.      They have surpassed rigorous licensing tests as a part of the licensure or certification technique.
What to expect in the first visit of a Naturopathic Doctor in India
Once you've decided on a naturopathic doctor, you'll have a thorough first visit with him or her. They'll go over your medical history, ask about your diet, stress levels, lifestyle habits and exercise, tobacco, and alcohol use, prescription drugs and supplements you're taking, and talk about why you went to a naturopathic doctor in the first place. In addition, he or she may do a physical examination and prescribe diagnostic testing. The doctor will collaborate with you to develop a personalized treatment plan and health management strategy based on the findings. The doctor will refer you to other health care providers if necessary.
Naturopathic doctor in India are familiar with conventional medicine and employ many of its diagnostic and treatment techniques in their practices. They also offer a variety of therapies and perspectives into treatment plans and health management techniques that are not normally taught in traditional medical schools and may not be available from a traditional medical doctor. The usage of plant-based medications is one example (botanicals). When used correctly, these medications, in combination with lifestyle changes, can enhance a patient's health in a variety of ways.
Be prepared for your naturopathic doctor to focus on understanding the main cause of health symptoms you might be experiencing as well as your overall health and wellness goals. This takes time. As a result, the time of your visit varies from session to session.
What is the best way to find a naturopathic doctor in India?
Licensed naturopathic doctors work in private practices, hospitals, clinics, and community health centers, among other places.
Traits of the best naturopathic doctor in India
1.    Qualifications
Check that the naturopath you choose is a member of a professional association. A naturopath's membership assures that he or she meets a minimum level of qualification, participates in continuous education, and is potentially covered by private health insurance.
2.    Surf the internet
Find a naturopath in your region by searching the Natural Therapy Pages directory. Consider proximity to work or home while looking for one that's right for you. Is it going to be easy to get to your appointments? Is the naturopath available late at night or on weekends? Ask for these simple questions to get the best answers for your quarry.
3.    Personal recommendations
When seeking a naturopath, a personal referral is crucial. Consult your friends, family, coworkers, and other medical professionals. Check to see if the naturopath has any expertise in treating your specific health problem. What happened if it was the case? This will make the process of choosing the correct person much simpler.
4.    Affordable treatment
Initial consultations are typically more expensive than follow-up appointments. Whether you have private health insurance, see if you may get part of the money back. Take into account the cost of any herbs or supplements you might require.
5.    Trustworthy
It's critical to choose a naturopath with whom you feel at ease and who genuinely cares about your health. After all, you'll be exchanging highly intimate information with them, so it's critical that you feel a connection with them. If something doesn't make sense to you, keep asking questions until you're satisfied. If you're not satisfied with the results of your initial consultation, choose a new naturopath.
Common FAQs related to naturopathy
1.     What is Naturopathy and how does it work?
 Naturopathy is a drug-free kind of health treatment that focuses on restoring health rather than treating sickness. The human body is capable of incredible self-healing abilities. Because prevention is the safest, easiest, and most cost-effective approach to health, naturopathy focuses on disease prevention rather than cure.
2.    What is Naturopathy's philosophical foundation?
Disease is caused by the accumulation of poisons, the suppression of acute symptoms, and the violation of natural laws, according to naturopathy. Toxins are eliminated from the body, and health is restored by following natural methods.
3.    What is the difference between a Naturopathic Doctor and a Medical Doctor?
Naturopathic doctors are well-educated healthcare professionals that combine traditional medical diagnoses with a wide spectrum of natural remedies.
These were some of the basic information on Naturopathic Doctor in India. If you are willing to know more on medical tourism in India, medical tourism services in India, naturopathy treatment in India or the best hospitals in India, contact us now.

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