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Medical Tourism

An Overview of Medical Tourism in India

Health tourism in India is backed by hundreds of years of history. Over the last quarter-century, medical tourism, a part of health tourism, has rapidly expanded to a great extent in India. Medical tourism is the term generated when tourism is combined with visiting another State or Country for medical treatment. You may know that medical tourism is often synonymous with healthcare tourism. However, medical tourism and health tourism can be differentiated on specific grounds but India provides it all. While wellness and health tourism define traveling for the purpose of rejuvenation and alternative therapies, medical tourism entails fundamentally biomedical processes that are combined with tourism and travel. Unlike other countries, in India you will get the best of both.
India's high stand on wellness tourism
Among the other prominent industries around the world, the tourism and healthcare sectors are quite significant. Among the best countries for medical tourism, India has been regarded as one of the most preferred destinations for medical tourism. According to the Medical Tourism Market Report 2020, India has gained a prominent position in the medical tourism market due to the highest quality treatments delivered to patients at lower costs than other countries. Considering the ocean of benefits that medical tourism brings to patients, India has been incredibly active in providing a wide range of medical packages under medical tourism services. Read on to know more.
Treatments levied under medical tourism
India, recognized for providing top-notch medical tourism facilities, generally constitutes a broad category of medical packages. The medical packages provided by Indian hospitals are:
       Health check-up
       Dental care
       Cosmetic surgery
       Eye care
       ENT care
       Genitourinary care
       Orthopedic surgery
       Heart surgery
       Cosmetic surgery
       Ophthalmology, and
India is leading in the healthcare game
Having ranked in the list of top three medical tourism destinations in Asia, India receives maximum medical tourists due to the quality of treatment at a low cost besides booming healthcare infrastructure and the wide scale availability of expert doctors. The three countries, namely Thailand, Singapore and India, come together to account for the majority of the revenues generated in the world through healthcare. Apart from the high medical standards in nephrology, cardiology, neurology, and other treatments, other alternative options such as yoga and naturopathy treatment in India have been gaining popularity too. India welcomes medical tourists from around the globe given its history of natural treatments that originated in India itself. The natural treatment options that you would receive in India are nothing in comparison to naturopathy treatments in other countries.
Hotspots for medical tourism in India
Given the Country's potentialities, you may be curious to know which state of India is leading in medical tourism. The leading destinations have been mainly:
       Tamil Nadu
       Andhra Pradesh
       New Delhi
       Maharashtra, and,
Example of emerging wellness tourism in India
India has been recognized as a wellness and cultural tourism destination to comply with the increasing demand for medical tourism from Asia and Europe. The ancient healing practices of naturopathy and ayurvedic treatments in India have attracted tourists from Europe who sought a wellness vacation. Naturopathy roots itself in nature’s healing powers and India stands as a proud representative. Consequently, it follows a multi-faceted approach that incorporates:
       Herbal medicine
       Physical therapy
       Exercise therapy
       Food consultation
       Altering soft tissues and bones
       Lifestyle counseling, etc.
What drives the growth?
The Government of India, the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare are the primary institutions that are putting efforts to make India a more significant destination for medical treatments. The growth in the wellness tourism industry is primarily driven by:
       Increasing awareness among consumers about wellness and health.
       Rising demand for organic products.
       Wide-Scale acceptance by western medicine.
       Shifts towards preventive treatments on a global scale.
       Rising demand for naturopathic and ayurvedic cosmetics.
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Medical tourism In India is a fast-growing sector that attracts more and more individuals each year. Erasing cultural boundaries and making the latest medical treatment options accessible for all, medical tourism has allowed people to receive cheaper but faster and quality treatment. If you are searching for a medical tourism platform, get in touch with Meditourin today.
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The way forward for healthcare providers
Given the vast impact of medical tourism, healthcare providers in India have invested in creating an active social media presence and maintaining a website or blog. India has collaborated with agencies, hotels and other hospitality service providers to ensure maximum comfort to international tourists in every aspect of healthcare. Medical tourism companies in India have taken care of every patient's overall requirements by investing in technology translators and security. With personalized solutions for financing, you can now make the necessary investment in the evolving medical tourism sector. 

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